Updates and Case Studies

3D Level Scanner for Silos

Silos and bunkers store a massive amount of inventory. There is a variant of Silo level measurement technology such as Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic, Laser, Radar and Nucleonic. Each of these technologies has its shortcomings which restrict it from use in Silos and bunkers. The common among all is the problem of single point beam generated […]

RF Level Switch for ESP Fly Ash Hoppers

In thermal power plants, ESP hoppers are used to collect fly ash which is generated from the burning of coal. Since coal burns continuously in these plants, the exhausting gases contain high amounts of fly ash. The fly ash is, hence, collected by the boilers. These boilers contain economizers that work on the principle of […]

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Slurry Level Measurement

The slurry is a combination of two types of matter- solid and liquid. To measure the level of any slurry in metallurgy or ore mining, its composition plays an important role. There are multiple techniques that provide level measurements. They are broadly classified as contact-based and non-contact based. Since contact-based level measurement technology is highly […]

Radar Level Transmitter For Molten Metal Level Measurement

The Radar level transmitter is known well for the accuracy and low maintenance it offers to the users. In the metal industry, molten metal furnaces have high temperatures and gases which call for special level measurement technology. Ultrasonic level transmitter fails to work here due to conditions unfavourable to their operations. Also, the presence of […]

Magnetron vs Solid State Radar Level Transmitter

Radar Level Transmitter is a technology that has revolutionized Level Measurement for the past 2 decades and it is one of the most widely used technology for Level Measurement as a whole. However, very rarely do we understand the Sensor behind the Radar Level Transmitter which is at the heart of all its functionalities and […]

Nucleonic Density Meter which is Non Nucleonic

Nucleonic Devices are considered to be truly non invasive and have the potential to be a Gold Standard for Density Measurement of any kind of Slurry. However, the strict regulations around a Nucleonic Density Meter often keeps the user in dilemma. However, our Nucleonic Density Meter using a very low Radioactive source that is Na-22 […]

IIOT and Level Measurement

Times are changing and so are the ways of our data acquisition where more and more customers are looking for the availability of data from the ease of their smart phones and smart laptops. EIP yet again being very adaptive has added compatibility to all its Level Transmitters and Level Measuring Devices (like 3D Level […]

How accurate is my Silo Level ?

History of continuous level measurement goes back to ages, but somehow the concept of accuracy of the silo level has always eluded the users. EIP working for solving this level measurement challenge for more than 3 decades has introduced yet another solution which inches towards the accuracy of level measurement inside a silo / bunker […]

Looking for a reliable ESP Hopper Level Solution ?

ESP Fly Ash Hopper level measurement has always been a problem due to its blind nature, high temperature, vacuum, high pressure and other other harsh conditions. NOGS Sensor Continuous Level Transmitter along with our Digital RF Level Switch aims at solving the problem for our users, being completely maintenance free. To download the pdf version […]

Discussion on Automation

M.D. of EIP, Mr. Ravinder Goyal, speak about the importance of automation in the industry and importance of Automation Expo 2017