3D Level Scanner for Silos

Silos and bunkers store a massive amount of inventory. There is a variant of Silo level measurement technology such as Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic, Laser, Radar and Nucleonic. Each of these technologies has its shortcomings which restrict it from use in Silos and bunkers. The common among all is the problem of single point beam generated which fails to work on an uneven level profile. 

Silos and bunkers are used to store bulk materials. Traditionally, the Silos store dry Bulk Solids and Powders. The structure of a Silo is a tall structure and the lateral dimension is relatively smaller. This poses design challenges like rat-holing, arching, and bridging. As a result, the flow of powder and solid level measurement accuracy poses quite a challenge. The inventory stored in Silos and Bunkers is accompanied by a lot of dust which prohibits a lot of traditional levels measurement technology to deliver output accurately and efficiently. Apart from dust, the other challenges in measuring powder products are the uneven surface and maintenance cost. 3D Level Scanner is a One Stop Solution for the above challenges giving the most innovative Level Transmitter for the market till date.