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3D Laser Scanner - mounted on poles or warehouse

3D Stockpile Laser Scanner

The Artemis 3D Laser takes multiple point measurements inside the shed (Plotting the X, Y and Z Co-ordinates of the material inside the silo) and generates a real time 3D Profile of material inside the silo along with Volume of the material and mass based on the density. ARTEMIS Scanner takes an average of 10500 point measurements on a surface per individual scanning cycle and offers exceptional accuracies when utilised to quantify hard and soft bulk commodities.

The proprietary ART and AIMS software element of the ARTEMIS solution calculates volumes, publishes reports and provides a graphic interface. Scan results are immediately available on completion of a scan cycle and no additional calibrations or calculations are necessary.

The Ronin 3D Laser Scanner comprises of a Laser Scanner mounted along with 2 Servo Motors and Encoders which rotate vertically ad horizontally to cover the surface area of the material.

3D Laser scanner takes an average of 10500 point measurements on a surface per individual scanning cycle and offer 1%  accuracy  when used to quantify hard and soft bulk commodities  in the stockpiles

3D laser Scanner software element  calculates volume, publishes reports in excel and provide a graphic interface.

Scan results are immediately available on completion of a scan cycle and no additional calibrations or calculations are necessary post scan as all ‘spikes’ or irregular points are eliminated automatically by the software.

The software enables bulk densities to be applied to the calculated volumes, enabling reporting of bulk in tonnages. The software also allow for comprehensive ‘contents bounds’ to be built into the system for each individual storage  vessel/area on the network. Flooring, walling, discharge points and structures can be configured into the system, enabling accurate volumetric calculations for each of these stockpiles with SPIKE FILTERS.

For accurate measurement for the  stockpile,  the  3D  Laser  Scanner shall be fixed mounted on the Lighting Poles or any fixed structure.

The  3D  Laser  Scanner  completes the scan of  the  Stockpile  and communicates  wirelessly to the control room to generate the output  in terms of Volume, Mass and Real Time 3D Profile of the Stockpile

The number of scanners are be decided to provide the complete profile of the total stockpile.

Further, the device’s self diagnostic feature tells the confidence interval of the readings o the PC Screen for the operator to confirm the reliability of the readings. 

  • Coal Stockpiles

  • Coke Stockpiles

  • Lignite Stockpiles

  • Gypsum Stockpiles

  • Limestone Stockpiles

  • Iron Ore Stockpiles

  • Bauxite Stockpiles

  • Urea Stockpiles

  • Cement Stockpiles

  • Other Stockpiles

  • Power Supply: 12……30VDC/ 220 VAC

  • Operating Temperature: -40……+60 Degree C

  • Humidity: Up to 90%

  • Protection: IP 67

  • Mounting: Fixed Pole mounting to allow for complete coverage of stockpile

  • Wavelength: 905nm (Invisible Range)

  • Measuring Range on Natural Surface >6% Reflective: 0……200m

  • Measuring Range on Reflective Surface > 80% Reflective: 0…….500m

  • Measuring Range on Reflector Surface: 0…….3000m

  • Communication: Through Wireless

  • Class: Class I Laser Device

  • Coverage: Entire area of stockpile covered with 10500 points scanned in 1 scan

  • Output: Volume, Mass and 3D Profile

Preferred Applications: Powders and solids

Measuring Range: 50 meters

Process Temperatures: -40°to +185°C

Process Pressure: -0.2 – 40 bar

Signal Output: 4-wire 4 – 20 mA/HART/RS-485/Modbus

Number of Beams: 5

Emitting Frequency: 140 GHz (each beam)

Supply Voltage: 20 to 32 VDC (110/ 230 VAC through SMPS)

Power Consumption: Max 8 W @ 24 VDC