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Diaphragm Boot Level Switch

A diaphragm—or pressure—switch works by activating a sensitive micro-switch when material reaches the level of the switch in the bin. It sends an alert that can be used to start or stop a process or alert to a high, medium or low-level in the vessel. Commonly used in grain, feed, seed or other granular material, BinMaster diaphragm switches are offered for either internal or external mounting can can be wired to a light, horn, alarm, or point level alarm panel to indicate an alert status.

The BM series Diaphragm Switches provides simple, low-cost point level control with proven, lasting reliability. Designed for use in bins containing non-hazardous/ hazardous, free-flowing dry materials, the BM Switches operates by sensing material pressing against the diaphragm switch. When the switch is pressed, it activates a sensitive micro-switch that can be wired to an alarm to start or stop a process or alert to high, medium or low levels in bins. The Switches are offered in six different models including standard, heavy-duty neoprene, or heavy-duty silicone diaphragm material and either internal or external mounting options.

  • Reliable point level detection for free flowing dry materials

  • Used in bins, vessels and some plugged chute applications

  • Feed, seed, grain, food, rubber, plastics, light powders, granules, and many other materials

  • BM 45
  • BM 65
  • Switch Ratings: 15 Amps @125, 250 or 480 VAC, 1/8 HP @ 125 VAC, ¼ HP @ 250 VAC, 1/2 Amp @ 125 VDC, 1/4 Amp @ 250 VDC

  • Operating Temp: Refer Catalogue as varies with model

  • Housing Enclosure: Die cast aluminum

  • Mounting: Internal or external, 16 gauge galvanized mounting plate

  • Hazardous Zone approvals available 

  • Boot Level Switch Catalogue – Click here to download