Density Measurement with ultrasonic Clamp

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With dependable precision and reproducibility, a ultrasonic clamp-on density meter detects the density of suspended solids in liquid. It comprises a pair of sensors, a controller, and a junction box.


The first ultrasonic signal transducer that clamps to the conduit sends a signal to the second ultrasonic signal transducer clamped opposite to the first transducer for ultrasonic density measurement system for slurry application. Without the hassles of any specific approvals that may be necessary in certain conventional devices, it offers a measurement that requires no maintenance. According to opposing signal propagation routes, each transducer is operated to transmit to and receive from the other.

A clamp-on ultrasonic measurement system for a slurry application of low acoustic impedance, includes a first ultrasonic signal transducer which clamps to the conduit, and a second ultrasonic signal transducer clamped across from the first transducer.

 It provides a maintenance-free measurement without the hassles of any special approvals that may be required in some conventional devices..

The density of suspended solids in liquid is measured by the ultrasonic device ENV200. It is made up of a junction box, a controller, and two sensors. The ENV200’s PCM (Process Condition Monitoring algorithm analyses changes in sound velocity and temperatures in addition to the size of the received signal, which is frequently recorded by traditional ultrasonic density meters.

 It helps to increase the stability and reliability of the measurement by keeping track of the operational status and the water level in the pipe before determining the validity of each measurement. Instead of using the reception signal’s amplitude change, the ENV200 uses the EEA (Envelope Energy Average) approach, which preserves the reception signal’s envelope and then calculates its energy.

ENV200 offers three types of sensors, such as spool-piece, tank-mount, and Clamp-on type to accommodate all field demands at installation.


  • High-precision measurement: Accuracy is greater than 1%, Repeatability is greater than 0.2%, and Linearity is superior to 0.5%.
  •  Wide Measuring Range: Various transducer types are available, measuring pipe sizes from DN15mm to DN6000mm.
  • English menu: Alternative UFM is simple to use and can display in English.
  • High Reliability: Use multi-pulse, low voltage technologies to increase precision, dependability, and useful life.
  • Strong Anti-Interference: Dual-balance differential signal receiver/driver circuit to prevent interference from converters, TV towers, high voltage lines, etc.
  • The Powerful Recording System automatically records the data.


  1. Principle: transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter
  2. Preferred Applications: Powders and solids
  3. Measuring Range: 50 meters
  4. Accuracy: Flow: over 1%-2%(battery-powered supply over ±2% ), Heat: over ±2%
  5. Display: 2×20 character LCD with backlight, support the language of Chinese, English and Italy Convertor
  6. Operation: Support 16 key light touch keyboard and the Simulation keyboard software
  7. Other Functions: Automatically remember the previous flow/energy data of 512 days working condition and check it and automatically remember the previous 32 times power on/off time and flow rate.


  • The clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter can memorize and save the read data in addition to being easy to install, simple to use, and intuitive to read
  • Water, sea water, slurry or oil, acid and alkali, and other homogeneous liquids are among the very diverse measurement liquids;
  • a non-contact measurement technique, lightness, and compactness;
  • The clamp-on probe is easy to install, and different-sized probes can identify pipes of various pipe diameters. The clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter can measure pipes with a minimum diameter of DN15 and a maximum diameter of DN3000 as long as accuracy is maintained.
  • During the flow measurement procedure, the external clamp ultrasonic flow meter does not need to damage the pipeline, and the probe can directly touch the straight pipe segment without pressure loss, and the flow measurement can be performed on the installed pipe;
  • Suitable for measuring pipes of different materials. Common metal pipes (stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, etc.), plastic pipes, etc., and some pipes with better sound-transmitting materials.


In summary, EIP’s ultrasonic clamp is the best choice for the density measurement as it is convenient to carry, easy to operate, intuitive to read data, and can memorize and read the save data. EIP ENVIRO has been able to establish its reputation within the field of Design/ Manufacturing and providing accurate and reliable Point Level and Inventory Measurement Systems for Bulk Solids/ Powders/ Slurries/ Liquids which have proven to be in satisfactory operation under harsh environmental conditions.