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Vibrating Rod Level Switch
Fork Level Switch

Piezoelectric driven vibration level switch detects high, mid and low levels in vessels with powders and bulk solids and suitable for wide range of applications.

When the blade is covered, the vibration is dampened by material and an electronic circuit forces a relay to switch indicating a covered condition. When the blades are uncovered, the vibration will restart and the relay will indicate an uncovered condition. 

In application, the vibrating blades / rod is driven by a piezo crystal excited by the electronics system. The driving signal changes the physical shape of the piezo crystal which causes the mechanical vibration of the blades / rod, much like a piezo type loudspeaker. The perfectly balanced mechanical system then resonates at the frequency of the drive signal. The blade / rod design is carefully balanced to provide a very low loss “tip sensitive” vibrating system and requires a very small amount of energy to keep the system vibrating. A second piezo crystal is used to detect the vibration of the blades, in turn signalling to the electronics if the blades are covered

  • Suitable for high and low level indication, or plugged chute detection

  • Detects extremely light, fluffy materials and materials with low dielectric constants

  • Carbon black, plastics, fly ash, feed, seed, grain, food, chemicals, and other materials

  1. VIB-505 – Vibrating Fork Type Level Switch
  2. VR-21 – Vibrating Rod Type Level Switch

Note : Download the catalogue for more details on the individual model

Preferred Applications: Solids, Liquids and Slurries

Measuring Range: Refer Catalogue 

Process Temperatures: -40°to +300°C

Process Pressure: -0.2 – 10 bar

Signal Output: 2 x SPDT Relay Contacts / 1 x DPDT Relay Contact

Supply Voltage: 20 to 32 VDC/ 110 VAC/ 230 VAC

Power Consumption: Max 6 W @ 24 VDC

Hazardous Locations: Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe available

  • VIB-505 Vibrating Fork Level Switch Catalogue – Click here to download
  • VR-21 Vibrating Rod Level Switch Catalogue – Click here to download