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Dust Detector
Dust detection devices continuously monitor particulate emissions through an air filtration system and alert when levels meet a predetermined threshold, thereby detecting levels of particulate matter that exceed regulatory standards and potentially put employee health at risk. They are commonly used as a broken bag detector in bag houses and to detect leaks or excessive particulate matter in cartridge filters, bin vents, and cyclones.
Dust Detector utilizes Tribo-electric technology, whereby the collision and interaction of particles with the prob rod causes a small electrical charge transfer to occur. This small electrical charge provides a signal that is monitored by the electronics in the device. It is designed to prevent false readings, even if an accumulation of dust forms on the sensor rod. It can be set to make pre warning indicator alerts to potentially hazardous situations or be set to provide an instantaneous alarm or one minute averaged readings. There is a 4-20 mA output for applications where Dust Detect will be used with a PLC. The Dust detector helps to prevent the loss of valuable product and dramatically improves the safety of the workplace by alerting personnel to change in emission levels before they become serious, which can virtually eliminate emission-related shutdowns. Dust Detectors continuosly monitoring emissions, bag house filter leaks and process particulate flow.
  • Ideal for baghouse leak detection or alerting to cyclone overflow. 

  • Install in stacks, ducts, or pipes. 

  • Used in cement, mining, asphalt, chemicals, carbon-black, wood, and many other applications.


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Preferred Applications: Solids, Liquids and Slurries

Process Temperatures: -40°to +232°C

Process Pressure: -0.2 – 20 bar

Signal Output: SPST relay (analogue 4-20mA for continuous monitoring)

Supply Voltage:  110 VAC/ 230 VAC

Power Consumption: Max 3 W @ 24 VDC

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