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Our Products

3D Radar Level Transmitter

Designed to provide accurate and reliable Level, Volume Mass and 3D Profile of material inside the silo

Knife Gate Valves

It have proven to be satisfactory under harsh conditions and waste water treatment plants.

3D Stockpile Management

Provides accurate inventory of open and closed yards with advanced 3D Laser technology

140 GHz Radar Level Tx

World’s highest operating frequency for Radar Level Transmitter with beam angle of 2 Degrees only

Nucleonic Density / Level

Special usage of Na-22 as a Gamma source, exempted from any regulations with High Resolution Detector

Liquid Flow Measurement

Accurate and reliance liquid flow measurement for pipes of various sizes

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Newsletters and Events

EIP Presentation At IEC 2017

EIP at the IEC Automation Show from 6-8 October, 2017, celebrating 15 crystal years of IEC.

Automation Expo 2017

EIP received Platinum Award for exhibition booth at the recently concluded Automation Expo 2017. MD of EIP Enviro and BOG of IED was given a special recognition at the event.

Dr. Ravinder Goyal, DPE

European Continental University recognises MD of EIP with Doctorate Degree