Privacy Policy Protection Agreement 


EIP refers to the “EIP-Tools APP” and “we” in this privacy policy, and “users” and “you” refer to users who voluntarily accept this privacy policy. 

Reminder: If the user is on this website, affiliated company website, or other mobile applications or software provided by EIP Instrument (hereinafter referred to as “EIP-Tools”),accessing, booking, or using products or services of EIP Instruments (collectively referred to as “Services”),the product requires user authorization to enable some device permissions. These permission EIP-Tools will not be enabled by default, it will only take effect after the user agrees and authorizes it, after the authorization takes effect, it can also be closed or reopened at any time in the device’s application settings. 


1.Explanation of user information disclosure 


Respecting user privacy is a basic policy of EIP Instrument. Therefore, EIP Instrument will not disclose, edit its registration information and non-public content stored in this application without the authorization of legitimate users, unless: 


(1) Relevant legal regulations or legal service procedures of EIP Instrument; 

(2) In emergency situations, to safeguard the rights and interests of users and the public; 

(3) To safeguard the trademark rights, patent rights, and any other legitimate rights and interests of EIP Instruments; 

(4) Other situations that require editing, or disclosure of personal information; 


2.Scope of Application of Privacy Policy 


(1) Personal identity information left by users when using this application service; 


(2) Various information transmitted between users and other users or non users through this application service; 


(3) Various information of other users or non users shared by this application with business partners; 


(4) EIP Instrument emphasis on protecting users’ personal privacy, and developed the Privacy Policy, users can also use the Privacy Policy, the user’s confirmation and agreement to use the services provided by EIP Instrument will be deemed as acceptance of the Privacy Policy. 


3.Information disclosure and sharing 


EIP will not intentionally disclose, rent or sell the user’s personal information or information to any third party. Unless: 


(1) The user agrees to share information with third parties; 

(2) Only disclose the user’s personal information and information, to provide a certain product and service requested by users. 

(3) At the request of the entity providing products or services on behalf of this application (unless otherwise notified by us, such entity has no right to use relevant user personal information and information for any purpose other than providing products and services):Provide as required by laws, regulations or administrative orders; Provided for external audit needs; The user has violated the terms of service of this application or any other product or service usage regulations; After evaluation on this website, the user’s account is at risk and needs to be protected. 


4.Non personal privacy information 


In order to improve the technology and services of EIP Instrument software and provide users with a better service experience, EIP Instrument may collect and use user non personal privacy information on its own or provide it to third parties. 


5.You are fully aware that in the following situations, we do not need to obtain your authorization and consent to use personal information 


(1) Related to national security and national defense security; 


(2) Related to public safety, public health, and major public interests; 


(3) Related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution of judgments; 


(4) For the purpose of safeguarding the significant legitimate rights and interests of personal information subjects or other individuals, such as life and property, but it is difficult to obtain personal consent; 


(5) The collected personal information is disclosed by the individual information subject to the public on their own; 


(6) Collect your personal information from legally disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, and other channels; 


(7) Necessary for signing the contract according to your requirements; 


(8) Necessary for maintaining the safe and stable operation of the provided products or services, such as detecting and handling malfunctions of the products or services; 


(9) Other situations stipulated by laws and regulations. 

Please note that if you do not agree to the above agreement or any of its terms, please stop logging in. If you follow the login process prompts to fill in the information, read and click to agree to the above agreement, and complete all login processes, it means that you have fully read, understood, and accepted all the contents of the agreement. 


By logging in, you have read and agreed to the EIP-Tools APP’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy.