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Temperature sensing unit and a Separate level transmitter


Temperature is crucial to maintaining the grain quality in a grain storage system. Whenever grain rots or when there is a pest problem, the temperature in the Silos will rise to indicate there is a problem. In traditional storage silo management, users must install a temperature sensing unit and a separate level transmitter separately to retrieve both the temperature data and level information. The system is a combination device which is capable of measuring both temperature & level of the meterial simultaneously to enhance real time monitoring o the grain. Build with RS-485 communication interface, the device is able to transmit data to a control center or HMI which allows users to remotely & efficiently retrieve and monitor both temperature and level changes inside the silos.


Integrated temperature & level monitoring. Unique innovation in global industry.
Strengthened steel cable design to sustain impact from media to prolong product life.
Multi-points temperature sensing to enhance prompt management of grain temperature control.
Detection of rotting grain or pest damage to maintain quality of the grain.
Real time monitoring of silo temperature for food, animal feed, grain and etc., to extend media preserve.
Prevent grain rotten or fire caused by high temperature.
Customized sensor interval.
Any two point calibration for level measurement.
RS-485 communication interface.