3D Radar - World's First 5 Beam Radar

3D Radar Level Transmitter is the only 5 Beam Radar Level Transmitter which covers the Silo/ Bunker at multiple points to provide an Average Level, Maximum Level, Minimum Level, Volume, Mass and real time 3D Profile of the material stored inside the Silo/ Bunker. Having an operating frequency of 140 GHz it works under the most extreme and harsh conditions. Working on an Adaptive FFT, the 3D Radar offers an un-paralleled user experience just like a camera installed inside a silo working in duty atmosphere and providing inventory.

3D Radar Level Transmitter Model ULM 3D-5 (5 Beam Radar – is the first and only 3D Radar Level Transmitter in the World). The Radar ULM 3D-5 has an operating frequency of 140 GHz (World’s Highest Operating Frequency) with 5 beams covering different parts of silo to provide you with Accurate Level, Volume, Mass and Real Time 3D Profile of material inside the Silo. Additionally,  the offered Radar Level Transmitter does not require any air purge for cleaning, as being a very high frequency and high power the Radar Beam is able to penetrate the dust and works even if some material sticks to the antenna of the 3D Radar. 

The Bulk Solids/ Powders pose 3 unique challenges for Level Measurement

  1. Uneven profile due to angle of repose
  2. Heavy Dust
  3.    Maintenance


  • Covers the Silo Surface Area at 5 different points to show the Level, Volume, and 3D Profile of material inside the Silo
  • The 3D Radar Level Transmitter works well with the Dusty environment 
  • The 3D Radar Level Transmitter is maintenance free and does not require any air purge

The above innovative 3D Technology already in service world-wide for various application

  • Coal Bunker
  • Fly Ash Silo
  • Cement Silo
  • Clinker Silo
  • Iron Ore Bins
  • Pellet Silos
  • Sinter Silos
  • RMHS Silos
  • Coke Silo
  • PP/ PTA/ LDPE Silos
  • Pain Silo
  • Urea Silos
  • Phosphate Silos
  • Dust Bins
  • Grain (All kinds of Grains) Silos
  • Ground Bunkers
  • Bulk Chemical Storage Silos
  • Other Silos storing Bulk Solids and Powders
  • Flue Gas Duct

Preferred Applications: Powders and solids

Measuring Range: 50 meters

Process Temperatures: -40°to +185°C

Process Pressure: -0.2 – 40 bar

Signal Output: 4-wire 4 – 20 mA/HART/RS-485/Modbus

Number of Beams: 5

Emitting Frequency: 140 GHz (each beam)

Supply Voltage: 20 to 32 VDC (110/ 230 VAC through SMPS)

Power Consumption: Max 8 W @ 24 VDC

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  • 3D Radar Level Transmitter Catalogue – Click here to download