3D Level Scanner

3D Level Scanner II delivers continuous accurate measurement of bulk solids and powders regardless of the type of material or product characteristics, shape and size of storage silo, bin, container or warehouse, and harshness of
the storage environment. 3D Level Scanner II employs an array of 3 antennas, each being a trans-receiver transmitting and receiving low frequency acoustic impulses. This patented design provides the scanner a very high beam angle of 30-70 degree covering the whole surface of the silo/ bin/ warehouse/ stockpile along with its unique Dust Penetrating Ability and Self Cleaning Ability.
Salient Features:
• Wide Beam Angle (70 to 80 degree) covers the whole silo/ bunker surface.
• Works even in heavy dust.
• Self Cleaning Ability.
• Provides True Level, Maximum Level, Minimum Level, Volume and Mass along with the Real Time 3D Profile of material