The Artimis ® 300 Series Solution

The hardware element of Artimis ® 300 solution consists of out of the Artimis® 300 300 scanner ,a control/communication box and a dedicated PC on site running proprietary ART and AIMS software.The Artimis scanner takes an average of 10500 point measrurements on a surface per individual scanning cycle and offers exceptional accuracies when utilised to quantify hard and bulk commodities. It can function with a single scanner or multiple scanners in network, as required by the surface area of the commodity.

Scans can be scheduled, cycled or performed on demand. To enhance accuracy, it is customised to easch client and application by factoring in the amount of points sourced per square meter, desnity of the points and the scan patterns of each installation.The proprietary and ART and AIMS software element calculates volumes, publishes reports and provides a graphic interface.The PC running this software is usually loacted on the clients network for easy distribution of data to all relevant personnel. Scan results are immediately avaailable on completion of scan cycle and no additional calibrations or calculations are neccesary post scan as all ‘spikes’ or irregular points were eliminated automatically by the software.

The software also enables bulk densities to be applied to the calculated volumes, enables reporting of bulk in tonnages. The software allows for comprehensive contents bounds to be built into the systems for each individual stoarge vessel/area on the network.Flooring, walling, discharge points and structures are configured into the system, enabling accurate volumetric calculations for each of these bulk storage vessels of areas.



Further features enhancing the software includes management facilities such as Automatic Daily Reconcilations between actual physical bulk and pertaining book values and a Head Office Awareness Element that networks multiple sites for complete stock managment and planning. further integrations are also avalailable to those clients requiring custom functionality in terms of applying weighted averages of grading, such as moistures, bulk densities and sizing applicable to each individual stcokpile or storage on the network.

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